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The Abominable Green Monster

Posted by Lauren on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If you ask me, I full-heartedly agree with what they say: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". How awesome my breakfast is usually defines how awesome my day becomes. As you can imagine, without a healthy and hearty breakfast, my day is shot. Anyone else feel that way?

Recently, I've become addicted to green monster smoothies in the morning. Not only are they refreshing, but they offer a turbo charge for the week. Full of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, and other goodness, you really can't go wrong with a green monster smoothie recipe! I adapted my recipe from Naturally Ella's version because I felt that without the dash of oats and squirt of honey, the smoothie was too grassy tasting for me.

The Abominable Green Monster
Ingredient Amount Calories Fat (grams) Protein (grams) Fiber (grams)
Almond Milk 1 cup 60 2.5 1 1
Spinach 2 cups 14 0.2 1.8 1.4
Flaxseed Ground 1 tbsp 14 0.2 1.8 1.4
Oats 1 tbsp 30 2.25 1.5 2
Honey 1 tbsp 60 0 0 0
Banana 1 whole 105 0.4 1.3 3.1
Total:   288 5.75 6.225 8

There are so many ways to adapt a green monster smoothie to your taste buds and nutritional needs. A great site to seek out new recipes is Green Monster Movement, where you can search for recipes and even upload your own!

Do you have a yummy recipe or food tip you'd like to share with us? Send us an email at yaktrax.experience (@) with your trail-friendly snacks and breakfast boosters!

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